Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. - Matthew 28:17


Dental Missions in RomaniaWelcome!

We are a group of volunteer physicians, dentists, assistants and technicians who love to serve and honor the Lord through our profession, soul, heart and possessions. Our mission reaches out to Africa, Romania, Russia, Ecuador, Haiti and many other nations. Thousands of underprivileged children and adults received our dental and medical treatment. The World Wide Medical Dental Evangelical Mission is a non- profit organization based in the United States. Hundreds of people have traveled to the remote outposts to embrace the word of God and benefit from the free medical and spiritual service.


Most of all, we function as American ambassadors and raise our flag higher by showing the whole world how kind and compassionate the Americans are to all nations.


Our Main Goals

Evangelical Dental Missions in RomaniaTo treat the pain and suffering of the misfortunate children and adults who are sick, poor, and disabled.

To dispense medicine for treatment and healing, as well as performing surgery.

To provide essentials for living such as food and clothes under privileged and poor families.

The most important goal is to use our profession as physicians and dentists as a means to spread and teach the gospel to win the lost. There is not a lot of space available to communicate the love of God to all nations. To support and reinforce the local churches to bring new converts and believers to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dental Missions

By wiping the tears of youngsters and adults who are suffering for weeks or months from toothache or infection because they cannot afford to have treatment. How wonderful when you bring back a smile to a child or adult by restoring their decayed tooth. Teaching them good oral hygiene to maintain their natural teeth is a blessing.

Evangelical Medical MIssions in CameroonMedical Mission

What an honorable feeling when you medically relieve the agony and pain for those who have suffered for a long time from pneumonia, parasites, arthritis, malaria, TB, etc., without being taken care of. It is a blessing when you feel that you saved the life of a patient suffering from heart condition, hypertension, infection, diabetes, etc. Many people after being healed praise and thank the Lord, as they are able to go back to work and support their families.

Spiritual Missions

We use our profession as a means to spread the gospel to honor and serve the Lord by: Starting the day by preaching and teaching the gospel for 45 minutes before treatment. Follow- up to help and encourage those who accepted Christ as their Savior and the new converts. By distributing Bibles to help them to grow spiritually and in faith.

Humanitarian Mission

We provide them food and clothes especially for those who are anemic and naked. Counseling to help them to face hardship and fulfill their needs. Dispense vitamins, toothbrushes, medical and dental medicine, and gifts.


2000 Missions Trip to Douala Cameroon


2000 Missions Trip to Yaounda Cameroon


2001 Missions Trip to Oradea Romania



1new-6Dr. Shoukry Soliman is a pastor and president of the Worldwide Medical-Dental Evangelical Mission, using his profession as a dentist to spread the Gospel and help the poor and the needy and honor our great country in the missionary field such as Africa, Romania, South America, Egypt, etc.

He is a patriotic citizen and uses his zeal to serve the Lord in his community to bring the lost to Christ and to help those who are hurt spiritually and emotionally.  He also extends his ministry to help those who are in dental and physical need.

He received his Master of Divinity Degree from Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania.  He received a Degree in Pastoral Studies and Christian Counseling from Clearwater Christian College.  He graduated from New York University Dental School and has a Master Degree from the Academy of General Dentistry.  He had a dental practice in New York and is presently practicing dentistry in Clearwater, Florida.

Recent Activities

Recent Activities

Egypt Mission Trip – May 2017

Mission to Nicaragua – July 2007

The people of Nicaragua are poverty-stricken with illiteracy and suffering children. Once we arrived there we set a program to help provide them with educational aids to learn how to read the Bible. The medicine that we provided helped them so much as they were in desperate need of it. We provided financial help and food to many families who were very poor and needy. It was a great blessing when we set a Biblical contest with the youth and rewarded them with money and gifts when they answered questions about the Bible. It was a stimulus for them to start to read the word of God regularly. After the Revival Services in the various areas, many people accepted Christ as their Savior. We were blessed beyond words when we saw the smiles and the joy in the faces in the young and old as a result of our ministry.

Mission to Egypt – June 2012

As a result of the Islamic persecution in Egypt – burning the churches, enforcing many Coptic Christians girls to marry Islamic men and convert to Islam – we went to Egypt to support the Christian churches and families. They are afflicted by Moslems by beating them for their faith, burning their homes and their churches as long as they believe in Christ. They either have to be converted to Islam or endure suffering. It is beyond comprehension how they suffer poverty due to destruction of their businesses, discrimination as second class citizens, and deprivation of any rights.

We are helping those afflicted Christian families financially to fulfill their daily needs and necessities. We extend our mission to help the churches to continue preaching the Gospel to reinforce the faith for those families, as well as to Moslems. We had the joy to preach the Gospel in some churches in Alexandria, Egypt.

Local Missions

Local Missions Work

1. Teach and Spread the Gospel
2. Free Private Counseling for

a. Emotional and Psychological Trauma
b. Marital Problems
c. Troubled Children and Teens
d. Addictions

3. Reinforce Our Family Values based on Love, Care, and Respect
4. Modeling Christ in our Conduct and Behavior in our Daily Life
5. Great Opportunity to meet Sincere Friends

Meeting Schedule

1. Biweekly meeting on Saturdays at 7:00 p.m. followed by refreshments, friendship, and fun
2. Fellowship, communion, and dinner meetings at 5:00 p.m. before Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas


“The fellowship of one another and sharing God’s goodness in our lives motivates and encourages us as we are challenged by His Word”Magdy K.

“This Neighborhood Fellowship is a safe and secure place to find and experience the love of God.”Patricia Williams

“I learned in one hour of our fellowship more than I ever learned from the TV, radio, or church in my entire life. It helps me to grow spiritually”Bill M.

“What I like best about our bible Study is we get the true word of God from Scripture, not just someone giving their opinions”Kent and Shirley

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Dr Shoukry Soliman


(727) 797-6830




1615 Farrier Trail
Clearwater, FL 33765


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Video Messages


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Egyptian Video Messages





Isaiah is the son of Amoz, who is the brother of King Amaziah, the father of Uzziah, thus making Isaiah of royal blood.  He is considered as a member of scribal guild.

The wonder and grandeur of God is not displayed in any other book of the Bible as in Isaiah.  Isaiah seems to be saying that if humanity could ever glimpse the true picture of God’s greatness and glory, our problem would be on its way to being solved (Hebrews 10:31; Exodus 34:7).  When God, the personal creator, is exalted as holy Lord the purposeful maker, then the universe is a place of value and significance.  If we allow Him His rightful place, then redemption, exaltation and glory are ours.  God’s response to sin is judgment or redemption depending upon the response of humanity to God’s actions.

In Chapters 1-5 the problem is proud, arrogant, sinful Israel is anything but the servant of God.  Nevertheless, Israel is declared as the means through whom God’s light and blessing will come to the world.  Chapters 6-39 express the majesty of God amid the people’s sinfulness.  Chapters 40-55 tell of God’s willingness and ability to deliver His people.  Chapters 56-66 deal with realities, sometimes harsh, of trying to be God’s light in an unreceptive environment.  There are two historical segments: shall Israel/Judah trust the great nations of humanity or shall they trust in God?


     Israel has forsaken the Lord, and as a result, is broken and desolate. Two subsections may be identified.  In the first, vv. 2-3, God Himself opened the proceedings and makes the charge. .    The relationship between Israel and God is described in terms of child and parent.  However, Isaiah fortifies his depiction of the unnatural character of sin by reference to the animals.  Israel could surely be better than they.  But, no, Israel does not know that much.  They are sinful and corrupt, having forsaken the Lord.  The prophet answered the question why they had forsaken the Lord  To live in covenant with Him is to experience blessing, but to break the covenant is to experience curse (vv. 5-6).  In the second, vv. 4-9, the prophet amplifies the charge and substantiates it on the basis of Israel’s condition. Typically they try to keep both God and gods with unhappy results.  They did not consciously abandon God, but their attempt to keep both amounted to abandonment and was rebellion.  In the light of vv. 7-9, which seem to draw upon some serious military invasion of Judah, with various dates for the message.  These occasions include the invasion of Israel and Syria in 735, that of Sennacherib 701 and that of Nebuchadnezzar in 586.  What God’s people are doing is an offense against nature, sin, pride, and oppression and is contrary to creation as God envisioned it.  Righteousness is found only in the Lord and in those related to Him.  God is the only almighty one and has committed Himself to Israel and Israel’s response has almost been a casual rejection of Him (v. 4; Ezekiel 14:5).  vv. 10-17, the prophet lays out two alternative means of relating to God.  One is through religious ceremonies, cult, performed in manipulative ways.  The other is through a life of ethical purity.  He closes with a challenge to choose between these ways.  It contains a summons to hear reproof and instruction.  Sacrifices, festivals, Sabbaths, and blood are not pleasing to God unless they are accompanied by the kind of devotion that manifests itself in their lives according to His holiness.

In v. 18 God asking the people to debate with Him is the wisdom of the two alternatives that are left them.  Should they continue as they are and be destroyed or should they obey God and be blessed?  In other words, forgiveness will be given as a result of a changed attitude.  God forgives and cleanses not because He must, but He wishes to and has made a way for that to be done through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  On the other hand, it is also plain that God does not proclaim forgiveness to those who are unwilling to obey.

vv. 21-26 God’s final purpose is not destruction, but is blessing achieved through purification.  He will avenge Himself upon His enemies (v. 24) and it is true that those enemies are His people, but it is all in order that Zion might be redeemed.  Those individuals who insist upon rebellion (v.28) and arrogance will know only destruction (v. 31).  Isaiah stands up to say that God’s children are those who do His will whoever they may be (56:1-8), while those who rebel against Him are His enemy, though they be Israel (Chapter 57).


     vv. 2-4  In Chapter One the main focus of attention was upon Israel’s rebellion, hypocrisy, and injustice.  Now in Chapters 2-4 the focus is upon Israel’s glorious destiny as a lighthouse to the nations for truth and peace.   Proud, self-sufficient Israel can become the witness to the greatness of God only when she had reduced to helplessness by His just judgment and then restored to life by his unmerited grace. What happened?  Will God merely forget Israel’s sin?  What Isaiah was asserting was that one day it would become clear that the religion of Israel was the religion; that her God was the God.  To say that His mountain would become the highest of all was a way of making that assertion in a figure which would be intelligible to people at that time.  Jerusalem has become a symbol of God’s self-revelation through history and there is no life apart from Him who has revealed Himself supremely.    v. 5  If the Gentiles will come seeking the truth we have, if they come to the light we hold then we ought to walk in that light.  It is intended to function in a motivational way to encourage both present and future generations to leave their foolish rebellion and to embrace their calling in God.  The only question is whether we choose to be part of that future through present obedience to the Lord of the church.    v. 6  Why is it imperative that the people of Israel learn to walk in the light?  Because God has forsaken them in their present condition and no future hope can obscure that fact.  What is the cause of their trouble?  It is the exaltation of mankind such as was exemplified in the religion of Israel’s neighbors.    vv. 7-8  Judah and Jerusalem are full of pagan ways, Isaiah now proceeds to detail those ways.    vv 9-11  Isaiah said that Israel is full of the world’s best wisdom through wealth, power, and control of one’s destiny that human beings become great.  But, in fact, will not be so.  They will be humbled and brought low, their eyes will be cast in shame, and their former eminence will be nothing.  They will hide in rocks and crannies.    vv. 18-22  Human beings who sought to sit on the throne of God will scurry for shelter in the crannies and the crevices of the rocks, when God, the only God, appears.


     Chapter 3 continues the contrast between the high and the lowly by depicting in concrete and graphic language the foolishness of depending upon the human leadership and the human glory.  Such dependence must ultimately have a disastrous effect.  In place of all their glory, there will be shame and loss. The materials in this chapter support a single point: dependence upon humanity will not lead to a realization of the destiny depicted.    vv. 1-15 is an oracle of judgment upon Judah and Jerusalem.  A result of their misplaced dependence will be to be ruled by those who are, figuratively speaking, children.  Unless the greatness comes from within the community itself, a condition which is ultimately the result of trust in God, no great leaders will rise from it.  This was happening in Israel during the early years of Isaiah’s ministry; one weak leader followed upon another as the nation seemed bent upon devouring itself before Assyria could reach it. .  It is this situation which will account for the destruction and humiliation forecast in vv. 1-7.  How foolish of Judah to adulate those who were destroying them, while at the same time shaking off God’s easy yoke.  Isaiah is warning Judah that she is in no position to be smug.  Her present glorification of humanity was destining her for the same fate.   In vv. 4-5, when people commit themselves into the hands of human leaders the result is disaster.  The prophet’s sense of contrast is clear.  Judah will go from mighty man to child  Jerusalem was then fallen in a moral and spiritual way and the coming destruction would be the result of the fall.  All this is lived out directly in front of God and in defiance of Him.  In vv. 12-15 Isaiah moves to an indictment of the leadership.  They are acting irresponsibly and unjustly destroying the very thing entrusted to them.  In vv.13-15 God will not allow the practices of the leadership to go unchallenged.  He calls them to account and testifies against them.  In 3:16-4:1 an extremely powerful figure makes the whole argument concrete: wealthy women, secure in their luxury and allure, are reduced to scabrous hags begging to belong to someone.  Vv. 25-26 personifies Jerusalem as a destitute woman.  Stripped of her warriors the city is emptied out with no more going in or out at the gates.  Warfare has always meant destruction of the male population (4:1).  The situation would become so desperate that the ration of men to women would be 1:7.  Now, women would not even ask for support if they could only have some legal and social identity.  Instead of exaltation and building up which comes from glad submission to God and to one another (60:1-62:12), our drive to be sufficient in ourselves brings only humiliation, despair and bondage.


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